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Hi my name is Wendy Adame and I am a proud mom of three wonderful kids. I have two beautiful daughters’ ages one and a half and three and one energetic young man at the age of five. Now having three kids is definitely a load especially when you plan to bring them in your travels. But you can work your way around it, trust me.

Traveling is probably both my leisure and my” run away” from the hustles and bustles of the real world. It has always been my passion ever since I can remember. Now that I have three kids, it still is and it would probably never stop.

Having three little tots always tailing behind you, or in some cases running around away from you, can surely be a handful situation. But having the joys and precious moments with each travel with your little angels are priceless. That is why I believe in the saying “one precious moment can never be repeated, so cherish it.”

This is the reason why I wanted to create this blog. I want to show you and everyone who is too afraid of traveling with their littles ones that it IS possible and you can even have fun doing it. All you need to do is to prepare, prepare and prepare.

I would also want to share with you my tips, tricks and basically everything I know about traveling with your kiddos. The posts that I would want to share with you can range from my own experiences to research and “book” knowledge. I will also share my thoughts and suggestions about traveling with babies based on their age. So either their newborns or even toddlers or schoolers, I will do my best to give helpful ideas and topics that is fit for you and your child.

I also do hope that I can hear from you as well. I want this website to be a teaching bridge for all moms, dads, parents, aunts, uncles even grandparents. I would really appreciate it if you drop some comments, suggestions, questions and tips for me and everyone else to learn from.

I would love to see you more in my future blogs. Please feel free to check out my website every now and then for more helpful pointers about traveling with your kids. I hope that I will be able to help you in gaining fun-filled and memorable moments with your family.


I would love to answer any of your questions or read your comments. Please enter them below and I will respond in as soon as possibl Thanks, Wendy.


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