All You Need to Know Before Traveling with Your Child

One of the most common worries of any parent is about their babies and traveling. Most parents are too scared to let their newborns travel with them because they think that their little ones are too fragile. They also fear that their babies might not be able to cope with the experience and may cause trauma to them.

Traveling with a newborn for the first time is indeed nerve-wracking at first but there is nothing that a little research and preparation can’t help. So you better take down few of these tips before you start planning your next family vacation or trip.

  1. Know Where to Go and How to Get There

This is the first step that you must make. You have to carefully research on where you are planning to go. Keep in mind that you are bringing a baby with you, so best to look for a baby friendly place to stay in. Another tip for you is to check the rules and regulations for traveling with an infant especially when you will be wayfaring via plane or boat.

There are certain vacation places that are not kid friendly so you better make sure to choose the right hotel or the appropriate place to stay in with your family. It is also a good idea to look at pictures of the rooms that are available for you to choose. This way, you can visualize how you can convert it into your own “home away from home”.

  1. Pack Near Perfection

Pack all that you need for you little one and bring extras of it as well. Unlike us adults that can last for days with just a shirt or two (if worse comes to worst), babies are a mess maker and you cannot reuse a dirty shirt on them either. So I cannot emphasize this more, BRING ALL YOU NEED TO BRING.

What I do is I make a list of all that my baby will need a few weeks before the trip. You may think that I am overly excited because I make a list weeks from the trip but hear me out on this. If you make your list early and check it every day, you will get to realize you are missing something. Better to pack heavy and bring all that you need that pack light and freak out all throughout the trip.

  1. Do a Test Run

If you are planning to travel, you better need the right equipment for it.  Of course this will depend on what type of transportation you will use as well. Here are some of the must bring baby equipment to help you and your baby have a comfortable travel.

  • Car Seat

If you are traveling by bus, train, plane or even a car, the car seat is your best companion. This will allow your baby to be properly secured and at the same time safe from harm.

  • Baby Carrier

A baby carrier is a less bulky and more travel friendly version of the stroller. You can carry your baby around as you travel. You will just be like a mommy kangaroo with their joey tightly secured with the straps of the carrier.

  • Stroller

Strollers are chosen for a more mobile travel. Meaning, if your trip requires a lot of walking, then better choose a stroller. It gives you baby more space to move around and you won’t be as tired from carrying them as you would with a baby carrier.

  • Travel Crib

A travel crib is a miniature version of a baby crib. Since it can be disassembled and reassembled with ease, you can bring it along with you and use it for you baby’s naps and bed time.

Of course, you should not expect that your baby will easily adjust with these equipment. At the start of your “training” they will fuss, get irritated and even cry because of the new sensation and feel that they are experiencing with it. They are still not used to it so better be patient and routinely use each baby gear until your baby has grown accustomed to it.

  1. Keep Your Original Nightly Routine

Do not change your bedtime routine just because you are far away from home. It is your job to make sure that your baby’s’ bed time ritual will stay the same. Do what you usually do when you are preparing your baby for sleep. Bring all you need for their bedtime including their pillows, lullabies and the likes.

If you’re a planning to bring a travel crib with you then you should train your baby to sleep on it as well. Practicing sleeping in the travel crib early will allow your baby to familiarize themselves with the crib. This will help you have more peaceful nights during your travel.

  1. Set A Daily Routine Tailored for the Trip and Practice It

Practice makes perfect, so better start early and avoid the stress of having a fussy and irritated baby during the trip. Visualize on how your day may happen once you start your trip and practice it at home.  It is also a good idea to make a small check list of the “possible scenarios” that you may encounter and think of ways to address it.

Another helpful tip that I can give you is to try to keep them awake during the day as much as possible. You can play with them and even converse with them to keep them entertained. They can take afternoon naps as well but only one. This will make your baby tired at night time and will add to your longer sleeping hours.

  1. Make the Place You Are Staying a “Baby Friendly” Area

Remember when I said to check the room that you plan to stay? This is the reason for it. You need to make the room a baby friendly place for your little ones. Find a place where you can change their diapers, have them play around and do tummy time and even the place where they will be sleeping.

If ever you are traveling with a group of family, my advice to you is to get another room for you and your baby. Look for a room with a connecting room attached to it. The reason for this works both ways for your baby and your other travel companions.

Imagine if you are staying in just one big room with everyone there, chances would be that there will be lost of noise. This will hinder you from letting you little ones have a good night sleep or afternoon naps. On the other hand, your other co travelers will not be pleased if they hear your baby crying in the middle of the night. So best to have a separate room to avoid this mishap.


I will not lie and tell you honestly that it is not a walk in the park at first. You might even reach the breaking point of your patience. But just “muscle up” and make your way through the dreaded ordeal of your child “adjusting” to the new environment.

Remember that they are away from their comfort zone and everything seems “alienated” to them. Just be there, have a lot of patience and do your best to comfort and soothe your little ones. Eventually, they will grow accustomed to the place and will easily sleep.

Having a moment of traveling with your newborn is both rewarding and frustrating at the same time. Do not ruin your travel because you baby is having fusses and fits. Plan ahead of time and prepare yourself, your family and most importantly, your baby in order to enjoy your travel to the fullest.

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