Indian food restaurants serve nutritious food

Today, a large number of Indians have become health conscious,
especially the young professionals working in corporate sector are wary
about their looks and are careful about the food they eat to maintain a
healthy and fit body. If you are looking to remain fit or lose your body
weight, you must know that no matter the amount of exercise you do, you
would not achieve the result you want unless you eat a healthy diet.
The best way to lose weight is to have a protein rich. With the changing
mindset of the people, the Indian food restaurants
too are becoming aware of the healthy food requirements of the
customers and they are starting to serve various healthy food items.
Some of the significant protein rich foods you can try at the
restaurants are:


Paneer, which is known as cottage cheese in the
western countries is one of best protein rich dairy food items. If you
are living in northern or western parts of India, you would find that
this food item is an integral part of the Indian vegetarian food. It is
one of the finest Indian veg delicacies that are used in preparing a lot
of items including curries. Since it is a dairy product, it is natural
that it contains high amounts of protein; the volume of protein greatly
varies depending on the type of milk it is made from. It may also
sometimes contain fat.

The soft texture and cheesy taste of the cottage cheese makes it
amenable to all types of cooking style. It can be cooked with gravy or
it can also be cooked dry. It is also used as stuffing in Indian breads.
Some people also use cottage cheese as stuffing in sandwich for a
healthy snack.


These are commonly referred to as Dals in the local Indian language.
There are different varieties of lentils used in India and most of them
are an excellent source of proteins. No matter which part of India you
are in, you would find lentils in almost all the Indian food restaurantsmenu.
There are more than 100 varieties of dals and every family has its own
recipe.  Usually, it is served in the form a curry and it is used as an
accompaniment for eating rice or flatbreads. It is has the consistency
of a soup and it constitutes the staple diet across India. Apart from
being rich in protein content, Dals are also a rich source of other vital nutrients like fiber, potassium and iron.

Kidney beans:

Just like lentils, kidney beans too belong to the legume family and
are known to offer amazing nutritional benefit. Kidney beans are
commonly known as Rajma in India and it is one of the most popular
Indian vegetarian food
items in north India. This type of beans is usually prepared during
festive or special occasions; Kidney beans curry and Indian flatbread
made of whole wheat is an excellent combination of healthy food.


It is a known fact that nuts are a rich source of proteins. While you
can eat raw nuts for a healthy bodyScience Articles, it also widely used in making a
variety of Indian vegetarian food mainly to add taste and increase nutritional value of the food.