The Secret to Weight Loss Success

Many times people resort to different measures when they are trying to lose weight. Some try pills or obscure starvation methods. Whilst they may initially work over a short period of time, they will most definitely not be a long term fix. When most people want to lose weight they will actually want to do it over a  longer period of time and not just lose weight for a short period of a few weeks or a few months at best. After all the reason why most people lose weight is to look good and feel great. Why would you only want that for a short period?

Is Self Hypnosis a Gimmick?

Many people assume that self hypnosis is one of those things that are considered to be slightly mystical and somewhat gimmicky, however studies have show that self hypnosis can help train the mind to think about their eating habits and the effects that it has on the mind and the body. Whilst you may not necessarily believe that listening to some enchanting music or a well spoken voice is the key to weight loss, it can and does have some dramatic results.

The Greater Power

Let us consider how and why it works for a minute. Our mind or brain is made of the conscious part and the sub conscious. It is widely known that we do not use our subconscious part, which is in actual fact what makes up 90% of our thought processes.

We actually only ever use 10% of our brain which is the conscious part in our daily lives.

Self hypnosis is designed to tune into the subconscious part of the brain and instill messages inside so that when we start to think about things not only are we using our 10% of the conscious part of the brain, but we are also starting to use the subconscious part also, which means we will in actual fact be using more of the brain than normal. Now if those messages are sending positive affirmations to our brain, they go into the deeper part of the conscious mind, thus sending a deeper meaning. Our subconscious is a very underused but powerful tool and self hypnosis is a means to take advantage of it.

How Can It Work for Weight Loss?

If you are one of those that suffer from a lack of confidence or have little will power when it comes to eating, you may require a little training and basically that is what self hypnosis is mainly used for, training. You can actually train your brain to think different thoughts and have different beliefs. That is why many hypnotherapists use hypnotism on people with addictions, because they need to train their brain to believe that the alcohol, the cigarette or the drug is not something that you want or need. However their conscious part of the brain is telling them that it is something they have to have. Hypnotism can be very powerful in this respect, because you are instilling deep and meaningful thoughts into your brain (both the conscious and subconscious) and with positive meaningsComputer Technology Articles, this will train your brain to think and believe something that has not been possible in the past.

Hypnosis can and does work for many people. As the saying goes “You don’t know until you try”.